Parboiled rice

Parboiled rice

Parboiled rice is one of the most popular types of rice as it contains a boatload of nutrients – the rice is pre-steamed in its husk as a result of which the rice kernel imbibes the vitamins and minerals contained in the husk. The usual length of this grain is 6-8 mm. After steaming, the rice is dried, the husk is removed, and the grain is polished. Rice is consumed on a daily basis by half of the world’s population and constitutes a nice alternative to potatoes or pasta. Steamed rice is also a perfect addition to salads as it does not stick together and retains its grainy structure. Prepare your rice like so: first, rinse the rice; then, pour into boiling salted water and boil in abundant water at a high temperature for 15-20 minutes. Packaged: 12 pcs. block On pallet: 720 pcs.

Parboiled rice 1 kg.
Net weight: 1 kg
Package quantity
Qty in a box: 12 pc
Qty on a layer: 144 pc
Qty on a pallet: 720 pc
EAN code: 4742298000350
100 g nutritional value:
Energetic value 1492 kj / 356 kcal
Fat 0.4 g
of whish saturated fatty ocids 0.1 g
Carbohydrates 76.5 g
of which sugars 0.3 g
Fiber 2.2 g
Protein 8.8 g
Salt 0 g

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